Aspen Wireless picks Siklu to deliver Wi-Fi backhaul

Millimeter-wave radio provider Siklu Communication Inc. said that its 60GHz and 70/80GHz wireless radios were deployed to enable gigabit wireless backhaul and to extend the town of Vail, Colorado´s underground fiber infrastructure for communication and surveillance.

One of the largest ski resorts in the world and a prime venue for concerts and music festivals, Vail has almost 2 million visitors a year. Details such as security, capacity-rich Wi-Fi, and environmental aesthetics are of utmost importance, but also a tall order in this challenging geography with its advanced infrastructure.

The town´s underground fiber optics connect the town buildings, facilities and surveillance cameras, and Ruckus Wireless access points deliver advanced, high-speed free Internet.

Aspen Wireless sought a wireless solution to extend the reach of the municipal fiber network, as in many locations, terrain challenges made fiber laying a physical impossibility. The solution needed to provide copious amounts of bandwidth without congesting the Wi-Fi service. The town was also looking to add new megapixel cameras and to upgrade analog surveillance cameras to IP.

Siklu delivers a diverse range of products with up to 2Gbps capacity millimeter wave wireless connectivity operating in the 60, 70/80 GHz bands.

Aspen Wireless is a network-centric technology company and systems integrator that maintains a distinctive focus on bridging physical and logical security. The company designs, builds, manages and maintains secure computer networks, particularly those with a strong relationship to network IP controlled security devices.