Asiana Airlines introduces new cargo management system

Asiana Airlines has opened iCargo, a next-generation air cargo system, which encompasses cargo booking, sales, transportation and import management, the company said.

IBS Software, a global aviation IT solutions company, developed iCargo.

Asiana Airlines will use iCargo to enhance customer convenience through improved cargo tracking service, improve transportation efficiency and visualize transportation information by expanding mobile applications, and strengthen e-commerce transportation efficiency through strengthening network with external airlines and organizations.

AAsiana IDT plans to operate the cargo system built on the company´s cloud server basis, and has completed work on linking the iCargo with the airline schedule and real-time arrival and departure information. In addition, warehouse management system, homepage, management information system, etc. developed in-house and opened with iCargo.

IBS Software offers a range of products and services that manage mission critical operations of airlines & airports that help them increase safety, maximize efficiency, improve revenue, manage growth and reduce costs.