Asian Navy awards USD 2.7m contract Orbit Maritime Satcom terminals

Orbit Communications Systems Ltd. (TASE: ORBI) has announced a new USD 2.7 million contract with a major Asian Navy for a combination of OceanTRx 4 and OceanTRx 7 maritime satcom terminals, and associated spares, the company said.

This order represents the 10th Navy to select Orbit´s OceanTRx product line, and the fourth in the last nine months. Since its introduction in 2015, OceanTRx has become the leading terminal in the large cruise ship segment, a top choice for offshore platforms and critical data links, and now the growing choice for Navy applications.

The OceanTRx product line comprises reliable, field-proven and innovative stabilized dual-band maritime satcom platforms, featuring outstanding RF and tracking performance, and high system availability under virtually any offshore conditions.

Orbit Communication Systems Ltd. is a global provider of satellite-tracking maritime, airborne and ground-station solutions.