Ascent delivers CH2 data center expansion suite

Comprehensive data center solutions provider Ascent, in partnership with Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc., has delivered a newly constructed expansion suite for an enterprise tenant in the CH2 Data Center facility, based in Northlake, Illinois, the company said.

The company added capacity for an additional 2.5 MW of critical power capacity in the approximately 16,000 gross square foot suite. Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc. has owned the facility since 2014.

Within 150 days of breaking ground for construction on the suite, the customer was able to install and power IT equipment in the data center racks. As part of the 250,000 square foot multi-tenant facility, the expansion suite provides the company with dedicated data center space entirely independent from the operations of other customers in the building.

Ascent is a leading provider of solutions for the development, engineering, construction and operation of data centers and critical facilities. Ascent partners with customers to solve technical, operational and financial challenges of running these facilities critical to customers´ businesses.

Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc., is a real estate investment trust that invests in mission critical real estate assets located throughout the United States. Mission critical real estate assets are purpose-built facilities designed to support the most essential operations of tenants. Carter Validus Mission Critical REIT, Inc. focuses its acquisitions of mission critical assets in the data center and healthcare sectors.