Arvig Resolves Most Trouble Tickets on First Call with Calix EDGE Insights

Calix, Inc. (NYSE: CALX) has announced that Arvig has increased its first call resolution (FCR) rate to 72 percent with the help of EDGE Insights, maximizing the efficiency of its technical support team and ensuring the subscriber experience remains excellent, the company said.

Before deploying Calix Support Cloud and partnering with Customer Success Services in 2018, the Minnesota-based communications service provider (CSP) was solving just over half of its trouble tickets on the first call.

Arvig has also leveraged the platform´s remote troubleshooting capabilities to reduce truck rolls by 8.5 percent, keeping technicians out of subscriber homes as much as possible during the COVID-19 outbreak.

The combination of troubleshooting improvements and remote management capabilities has positioned the regional CSP to operate in the new reality without any degradation of service. Subscribers have responded to the unparalleled experience, consistently awarding Arvig satisfaction scores of over 90–far above the industry average of 62.

The longtime Calix customer covers more than half of the counties in Minnesota, encountering multiple competitors in some areas but consistently outperforming them. Arvig remains highly involved in the communities it serves and is now partnering with local schools to offer free services to low-income students, teachers and staff working to solve their new e-learning challenges.

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