Artel to build network in Africa

Artel, LLC, is building the highest availability and lowest packet loss network in Africa, the company said.

For almost a decade, Artel has operated a rapidly expanding, highly reliable, resilient network throughout the Middle East and South Central Asia. Given its success in that region, Artel is now building a similar network spanning 43 countries across Sub-Saharan Africa.

The network architecture is supported by a regional multi-carrier cloud, and offers direct connectivity throughout the Middle East and Africa with international backhaul into US and European markets.

Artel´s Africa network is designed with high resiliency rings around the African Continent, regionalized co-location facilities to support the 43 countries already On-Net, and redundant Cisco data center equipment capable of terminating Layer 2 and Layer 3 circuits.

This provides a single transport network for reliable and efficient transport of voice, video, and data across multiple regions and continents. Artel´s secure private network is backed up by its own 24x7x365 network operations center and forward-deployed field operations teams in Africa.

Artel´s established core network expedites service delivery through existing interconnectivity with major carriers throughout the Continent. Artel´s broad range of capabilities leverages Master Service Agreements and relationships with regional vendors that adhere to its strict performance criteria at cost-efficient price points.

The intracontinental links and regional hub architecture ensure low latency between countries and reduce single-circuit cost, while delivering greater throughput and higher availability. Artel can shield the identity of the end customer and offer terrestrial redundancy, increasing both security and customer satisfaction. End-to-end services include rapid diagnosis and resolution of issues, while logically separate Virtual Private Networks ensure the highest levels of privacy and security.

Since 1986, Artel has delivered mission critical satellite and terrestrial network communications and infrastructure, systems integration, cyber security, risk management, and IT solutions. Artel partners with Government and other industry leaders to enable customers all over the world to securely access and deliver content across all their networks and IT infrastructures―in every domain and environment. Coupled with 30 years of experience in procuring and designing custom satellite solutions, Artel has a proven 10 year track record of providing ground communications infrastructure across the Middle East, Africa, and other environments.