Artbit app transforms art experience with point-and-snap technology

Artbit has released its eponymously named app for iPhone® and Android that´s changing the way we interact with art, the company said.

With advanced image recognition capabilities, Artbit can identify everything from street art to oil paintings, while providing fun facts, unique insights and opportunities for social interactions.

The app can identify over a million works of art from across the globe and counting. Simply aim, point, and click to instantly reveal detailed information on the piece, the artist, and their life´s work. Love a piece that isn´t recognized? Simply add it to Artbit´s living, breathing archive. And with built-in sharing and discovery options, Artbit is a powerful and engaging social forum that brings art to life in galleries, museums, and anywhere people enjoy art. Imagine Shazam and Wikipedia had an art-loving baby. This is Artbit–taking the art world to the 21st century, leveraging the power of the crowd to create the world´s largest art discovery platform.

Located in Tel Aviv, Israel, Artbit is a mobile app and online platform that makes art more fun and engaging for both art lovers and the casual consumer, and provides artists and galleries new ways to reach a global audience.