ARRIS releases D312 CMTS software

ARRIS Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: ARRS) announced in-service availability of Release 8.1 software for its global industry-leading CMTS, further enhancing performance and value for the installed base of C4 CMTS and C4c CMTS products.

The C4 CMTS has been shipping in volume for over ten years, making it one of the industry’s most successful CMTS platforms. C4 CMTS customers have come to rely on its availability, performance, density, and cost-effectiveness and can expect more of the same with Release 8.1. Release 8.1, in conjunction with the installation of a System Control Module 3, delivers improved performance for control plane-related tasks including IP Detail Record, Simple Network Management Protocol and Command Line Interface ; increases in IPv6 route scaling; additional DSG feature support; and improved support for Lawful Intercept applications in Europe. These features further augment existing C4 CMTS trademark capabilities, such as hitless failover and high scaling of subscriber devices.

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