ARRIS launches new satellite receivers supporting HEVC, DVB-S2X

ARRIS International plc (NASDAQ: ARRS) has introduced two new advanced satellite receiver solutions for satellite distribution networks: the DSR-7412 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder and DSR-4470 Integrated Receiver/Decoder, the company said.

The new receivers feature next-generation HEVC UHD/4K decoding and DVB-S2X demodulation capabilities, adding to ARRIS´s portfolio of satellite distribution solutions. The ARRIS DSR-7412 delivers up to 12 channels of both MPEG-2/4 HD and SD transcoding to support legacy STB capability, while the ARRIS DSR-4470 provides a dedicated decoding platform for full compatibility with next-generation distribution networks.

The DSR-7412 Integrated Receiver/Transcoder is a next-generation commercial satellite receiver/transcoder platform engineered for cost-effective high-density transcoding. It enables full compatibility with next-generation satellite distribution networks with support for up to 12-channels of HEVC, MPEG-2, and MPEG-4 video compression inputs, combined with DVB-S2x demodulation. The flexibility offered by its 4 active RF tuners with retune capability simplifies satellite network design and permits trouble-free network modifications.

The DSR-4470 Integrated Receiver/Decoder from ARRIS can decode HEVC, MPEG-4 or MPEG-2 compressed video in HD or SD formats and deliver outstanding video and audio performance via HD/SD-SDI output or analog/composite video output. The addition of DVB-S2x demodulation enables full compatibility with next-generation high-data rate satellite distribution networks.

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