ARRIS brings actionable analytics to service providers

ARRIS International plc (NASDAQ: ARRS) has announced ARRIS Wireless Intelligence, an analytics and reporting tool that offers service providers comprehensive and real-time insights into their solutions for public Wi-Fi and expansion of Wi-Fi into new vertical markets, the company said.

Gathering and collating data from a range of inputs, the platform allows management, operations and marketing personnel to quickly visualize their deployed Wi-Fi network and understand the utilization of each access point and other network devices through a fully virtualized and hosted solution.

ARRIS Wireless Intelligence also offers analytics on a number of metrics including; access point utilization, OS type, subscriber data consumption and session duration. The solution generates pre-built reports that can be customized for different stakeholders within the service provider. The reports can be generated by a range of variables that span geography, SSID type, vertical market and individual property.

A cloud-based solution, ARRIS Wireless Intelligence offers fast and flexible integration and scaling with very low CAPEX outlay. The solution is optimized as part of the ARRIS pre-integrated, best-of-breed Service Provider Wi-Fi solution. It is vendor-agnostic and compatible with other systems and features with an easy-to-integrate API.

ARRIS International plc. (NASDAQ: ARRS) is a world provider of entertainment and communications technology.