ARK Cryptocurrency Platform releases new Testnet

ARK Crew, the team behind ARK blockchain ecosystem, has released the first publicly available test network, the company said.

The platform, called RK Token Exchange Campaign (TEC),is currently in its final stages of ICO.

Earlier, ARK made its source code public on GitHub while the platform is still under development. The testnet´s alpha version is accompanied by the launch of custom, open source mobile and desktop clients.

Being a completely open source platform, ARK Crew has made the newly launched desktop and mobile wallet platforms available on its official GitHub account along with ARK Core technology. Users can freely download and test all the three clients during the initial test phase and provide feedback before the full launch in February 2017.

ARK is a new cryptocurrency ecosystem focused on consumer adoption through a series of innovative core technology advancements, practical applications for everyday use, and strategic partnerships with industry leaders.

The ARK Crew is a community driven development team of 30 individuals located in 15 separate countries, dedicated to the success of the ARK Ecosystem and the next generation of integrated cryptocurrency and blockchain solutions. With diverse backgrounds, including engineering, medicine, education, front-end, and back-end development, the ARK Crew has a robust team of diverse experts unlike any other in the space.