Arista introduces Any Cloud networking

Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) has unveiled a technology preview of Arista´s Any Cloud platform for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, and Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition, providing a consistent and more secure enterprise-class solution for Kubernetes-managed container workloads spanning host-based and physical network infrastructure, the company said.

The core of the solution integrates Arista containerized Extensible Operating System (cEOS®) and CloudVision® software into the CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) framework.

A key element of the solution, Tigera Secure Enterprise Edition, enables zero trust network security and continuous compliance for Kubernetes platforms across public and private clouds, building on Tigera´s industry-standard open source Calico technology.

Arista Networks pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale datacenter and campus environments. Arista´s award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics, and security. Arista has shipped more than twenty million cloud networking ports worldwide with CloudVision and EOS, an advanced network operating system. Committed to open standards across private, public and hybrid cloud solutions, Arista products are supported worldwide directly and through partners.