Arista announces Secure Cloud Networking

Arista Networks (NYSE:ANET) has announced security capabilities focused on private, hybrid and public cloud networking, the company said.

Based on Arista´s cloud-grade EOS® and CloudVision® state-of-the-art software, Arista´s approach redefines silo security into holistic security designed for a multi-cloud environment. Key integration includes VMware NSX Data Center and Zscaler for holistic security.

The new security expansion delivers three attributes: extended network segmentation, improved compliance through cognitive controls and new platforms with integrated encryption for wide-area interconnect. These provide customers secure solutions, to reduce operational costs and mitigate threats in the emerging cloud era.

Arista and Zscaler are partnering to provide secure access for cloud-based workloads. Zscaler Private Accessâ„¢ (ZPAâ„¢) is a cloud service for securing connections between internal applications and authorized users and it integrates with the Arista vEOS Router, extending the security approach across multiple cloud platforms.

This combination brings together Arista´s control of east/west traffic with ZSS and Zscaler´s zero trust access for all north/south application traffic, delivering secure segmentation from application to user.

Arista Networks pioneered software-driven, cognitive cloud networking for large-scale datacenter and campus environments. Arista´s award-winning platforms redefine and deliver availability, agility, automation, analytics and security.