ARGUS releases white paper with a look at continued impact of COVID-19 on business aviation

ARGUS International, Inc., a member of the SGS Group, has announced the release of its white paper: Is Business Aviation Cleared for Takeoff? A Look at COVID-19´s Continued Impact, the company said.

The paper offers an analysis of disruption caused by COVID-19 on business aviation flight activity.

As this white paper outlines, May 2020 recorded an 84% increase in activity from April, in North America, which means we have already made up 1/3 of our losses from COVID-19 and June is looking just as strong.

The white paper is a strong follow-up to the industry-leading webinar, GROUNDED: Navigating the Continued Impact of COVID-19 on Business Aviation Flight Activity. This white paper offers a unique opportunity for the business aviation industry to gain updated data and projections.

ARGUS International, Inc. (ARGUS) is a specialized aviation services company that allows organizations to improve their operational and business decision making with software solutions.