Argentine Civil Aviation Authority (EANA) selects Earth Networks to protect Argentinian air space/airport operations

Earth Networks has announced Argentina´s Civil Aviation Authority (Empresa Argentina de Navegación Aérea) has selected the network selected to provide lightning detection, severe weather early warning services and airport alerting to protect Argentinian air space, the company said.

Earth Networks regional partner, Mardet S.R.L. finalized the contract with the agency to provide a lightning detection network, which will be used by airport control center operators to issue alerts on severe weather and lightning threats that have the potential to affect operations, ground crews, fueling, and aircraft.

With 5 regional control centers, 47 aerodromes and airports and a vast airspace, EANA needed to find the best source of severe weather information. In addition to providing real-time lightning monitoring and weather information for 26 of EANA´s airports, the deployment of an additional 50 lightning sensors will enable audible and visual outdoor lightning proximity alerting at 8 of Argentina´s main airports in central and northern Argentina.

Earth Networks has developed partnerships in many countries over the past several years to bring weather observation, forecasting and alerting technologies that are both low-cost and easy to deploy and maintain.