Argentina awards license and route to FlyBondi Air Lines

Argentina has announced it has awarded low-cost airline Flybondi a 15-year license to travel 284 domestic and international routes, including one that could link Buenos Aires directly with the Falkland Islands, the company said.

Ministry of Transport Resolution 1087/2018 authorizes FB Air Lines to exploit commercial and non commercial domestic and international flights of passengers, freight and mail with large aircraft.

In one of its points, the resolution underlines that the majority of requested domestic routes have their origin in provinces, and propose connecting cities, which in most cases currently demand flying through Buenos Aires. The new network of air services should improve inter-province connectivity and help to de-concentrate Buenos Aires.

The 15-year license and 284 routes includes 28 in South America and the rest 39 Argentine cities, in which the Falkland Islands are included as a domestic flight.