Are Seasonal Sales Beneficial For Lead Gen Ads?

After the year we have had, many businesses are facing the festive season not knowing which way their sales will go, despite many looking to make back some revenue that was lost throughout the two lockdowns. This year, mistakes and slumps are not an option, and results must increase, as opposed to dropping off. Whether you have an in-house digital marketing team or use a Google Ads Agency London, lead gen ads are hugely important and beneficial for businesses.

The capability of Facebook Lead Generation is why so many businesses rely on this social platform for their advertising. Facebook ads have huge potential when it comes to boosting new customer acquisition, despite sometimes feeling like a gamble, especially when you’re just starting out. From choosing the wrong placement, objective, budget, or small mistakes that lead to poor ad performance and wasted money, there is lots to take into account when using Facebook for lead gen ads, especially during an important period, such as Christmas.

So, are seasonal sales beneficial for lead gen ads?

Why Do You Need Lead Generation?

Lead generation occurs after you have attracted an audience and you are ready to convert the visitors into leads. You can use a variety of different channels to turn visitors into leads, including content, email, blogs, social media, product trials, and referral marketing.

Why Are Seasonal Sales Important?

Between November to January, consumers tend to reserve their money on the run up to Christmas and January is renowned for making the pennies stretch as far as they will go. Therefore, this is the most important time for businesses to run seasonal sales to try and drum up business during this time when revenue is lower.

Seasonal sales are essential or businesses and are made up of 4 key areas; feedback, sales, customers, and opportunity. These can be in the form of discounts, special offers, and limited edition items, and are critical to increasing revenue during these slower periods.

Through enhancing interest at unique times of the year, it will offer various opportunities of converting one-time customers into regular, loyal customers.

What’s Beneficial About Facebook Lead Ads?

Using lead ads allow you to get to know your audience better, thus enabling you to target them better with ads. Fortunately, Facebook ads are optimised for mobile devices, which actually accounts for 95% of Facebook visits, so you can give your ads the best opportunity possible.

Therefore, for your seasonal sales, it’s beneficial to use Facebook lead ads, as you can get a more accurate target audience and hundreds of thousands of people use social platforms, such as Facebook every day, so you can be sure that you are reaching them.

During seasonal sales, customers are looking for engaging ads that are related to what they are searching for, which is very easily achievable through Facebook ads.

How To Generate More Leads

In order to generate qualified leads on Facebook, you need to make the process as easy as possible for the customer, which can be done through pre-populated questions. These questions mean that once a customer clicks on your ad, Facebook will be able to fill in the information for them. In turn, this reduces the effort and time that is required by the customer, which will increase the chances of your business effectively using Facebook ads for lead generation.

A strategy is needed to execute lead generation properly. You need to identify your market and the type of marketing that would be most beneficial and effective for that audience. You will also need to conduct market research; look up your competitors and examine their online presence. Then you should effectively target your ideal audience.

One of the biggest mistakes with Facebook ads lead generation is not having the correct sales funnel set up. Please note that this will differ from company to company, as well as the audience that the ads are aimed towards. When it comes to advertising on Facebook, it’s important that you understand the most effective types of Facebook ads and require creativity to influence people’s thoughts so that your product is most appealing to them. On average, the conversion rate for Facebook ads is around 9.21% across all industries.

As you can see, done correctly and seasonal sales are beneficial for lead gen ads. Platforms, such as Facebook, are particularly effective when it comes to creating and delivering lead gen ads to target audiences. If you want to produce lead gen ads, but would like some direction, get advice from a digital marketing agency, today.