Are branded face masks set to be a regular sight in the coming years?

While the UK’s current vaccination programme is taking off successfully, the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic will change the world permanently have yet to be seen. One prediction that’s not hard to make, though, is the permanence of face masks (and branded face masks) on our streets.

After the SARS epidemic that hit China and other parts of Asia in 2002-3, many countries in this region adopted the wearing of face masks during times of illness permanently to protect others from catching germs on the street and at home. While we might not see this practice quite so widespread here in the UK, it seems likely that many people will continue to wear face masks in public – especially during cold and flu season – for years to come.

Why branded face masks?

Businesses can capitalise on this face mask craze by investing in branded face masks for staff. Branded face masks not only contribute to your staff’s brand identity but can also improve employee engagement and boost your brand in the eyes of Covid-conscious customers.

Branded face masks for staff

Supplying your staff with branded face masks is one way to improve employee engagement and increase staff morale at the same time. As an employer, it’s your responsibility to supply your staff with the protective gear they need to stay safe at work, and this requirement will no doubt stay in place for years to come. While many staff may choose not to wear a face mask, those who are vulnerable or worried about Covid-19 and other contagious viruses will appreciate a supply of effective, branded face masks that they can wear at work.

Stylish, quality uniforms have also been found to boost employee engagement in the workplace, and branded face masks can play a major role in this. Contrary to what some employers might think, many employees feel proud to wear comfortable, quality workwear, and branded face masks are no different.

Branded face masks for customers

Using face masks with your business’s branding on isn’t just about making your staff feel engaged with your business. Branded face masks are also an important way to reassure your customers that your business is responsible and considerate of the needs of both its staff and its customers. Branded face masks are a simple way to show your customers that you’re taking any measures necessary to ensure their safety in your store, and taking care of your staff’s safety at the same time.

Will face masks really stay around after the pandemic?

To answer this question, it’s probably worth considering what ‘after the pandemic’ really means. Many scientists believe that Covid-19 will become endemic, which means it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean that we’ll be living in a state of pandemic for the rest of our lives. Instead, the virus will settle to a manageable level, which means that it can be kept under control using vaccinations and, perhaps, masks.

It’s impossible to say at this point whether face masks will still be a common sight in 2022, 2023, or beyond. However, if global trends are anything to go by, we can expect that face masks have been, to some degree, normalised in the west by Covid-19. Businesses wishing to invest in smart marketing that is appreciated by both customers and staff could do much worse than opting for branded face masks.