Arctic On-Demand introduces new Alaska-specific carter/air charter

Arctic On-Demand has launched a new Alaska-specific air charter, offering connections for and delivering pricing visibility across a network of asset-based air cargo and passenger carriers, the company said.

Arctic On-Demand will facilitate shipments for a variety of industries, from mining and oil to everyday goods, including groceries and medical supplies, to locations across Alaska. Arctic On-Demand will also provide a COVID-19 regulation-compliant solution to passengers and their provisions as they travel around the state.

By partnering with Arctic On-Demand, Alaskan companies and individuals will have access to robust technology that allows for swift, streamlined air transportation decisions. Arctic On-Demand´s proprietary spot bid portal eliminates time-consuming manual compilation of carrier bids and gives clients visibility to select the optimal air charter solution.

Arctic On-Demand is an Alaska-specific cargo and passenger air charter solutions provider. Arctic On-Demand provides comprehensive logistics solutions and robust technology to ensure all air charters are managed with precision and are price competitive.