ARC, British Airways test enhanced settlement platform

Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) has announced the successful testing and implementation of enhancements to its settlement platform, initially announced late last year, the company said.

In October, ARC began the testing process with airline partner British Airways to ensure the functionality and flexibility of these enhancements. As a result of this collaboration, ARC´s settlement platform is now ready to facilitate the full spectrum of distribution strategies for ARC participating airlines, including New Distribution Capability (NDC), while continuing to support existing systems and processes. This implementation gives airlines and travel agencies more options to create bilateral agreements that make enriched, customized air travel content more accessible.

With ARC´s enhanced platform, each airline can implement the features that best match its distribution strategy. This includes the ability for airlines to set settlement parameters for NDC transactions, the option to use neutral ARC or airline ticket stock, the acceptance of both ARC and IATA sales file formats and multiple credit card billing options.

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