AQUA Licensing to manage sale of former Nokia and Alcatel-Lucent patents

AQUA Licensing, a patent advisory and transaction firm, has been retained to manage the sale of a second patent portfolio previously owned by Nokia, including patents developed by Alcatel-Lucent / Bell Labs, Nokia Technologies and Nokia Networks, the company said.

This offering follows on the heels of the Telecommunications Portfolio I offering made in August of 2017 via AQUA Licensing. The previous portfolio consisted of 4,260 patent families. To date, buyers have been identified for a significant portion of the initial offering.

The new Telecommunications Portfolio II offering comprises 557 patent families, developed by Alcatel-Lucent / Bell Labs, Nokia Technologies and Nokia Networks.

This portfolio is predominately made up of former Alcatel-Lucent patents, which are around 83% of the assets, including patents from the former AT&T Bell Labs.

Around 10% of the patent families originated from the former Devices and Services business of Nokia. Though the business was acquired by Microsoft in 2014, Nokia retained the intellectual property in its Nokia Technologies business.

The remaining 7% of the patent families originated from Nokia Networks, previously Nokia Siemens Networks, formed in 2007 through a combination of Nokia´s networks business and Siemens´ carrier-related operations for fixed and mobile networks. Nokia acquired Siemens´ share of the business in 2013.

Based in Silicon Valley, AQUA has a proven track record of assisting companies in gaining the greatest return on investment for their intellectual property assets. AQUA´s clients are global technology firms, mid-sized companies, and startups seeking to maximize the return on their R&D investments. AQUA´s team includes both senior patent attorneys and business development executives from US technology firms with deep expertise in IP strategy, protection, enforcement and licensing.