Apstra Simplifies Device Operating System Upgrades in Multi-Vendor Network Environment

Apstra® Inc., the provider of Intent-Based Networking for the data center announces a key capability of their flagship product, Apstra AOS, targeted at Network Operating System (NOS) Upgrades, the company said.

Apstra automates and validates Network Operating System upgrades across an entire IP fabric with a few simple clicks in the UI – regardless of vendor. This feature set ensures compliance and reduction in maintenance time from weeks or months to hours or days.

When upgrading the NOS for any network devices including routers and switches, this almost always involves interruptions to the network, which usually means network engineers are always doing this work in the middle of the night. For many network engineers, the process is still a manual process.

Apstra AOS provides pain relief for Network Operating System headaches. Apstra pre-qualifies selected vendor NOS versions for supported network device vendors such as Cisco, Cumulus and Arista against Apstra´s Reference Design for data center networks.

Apstra® builds, sells, and markets software solutions that simplify IT infrastructure consumption to help businesses innovate and succeed. Apstra pioneered Intent-Based Networking, vendor agnostic software that simplifies the management of the network infrastructure by abstracting network services and automating the delivery of those network services across their entire life cycle – Day 0, Day 1, and Day 2+.