Apsalar announces funding round to support global expansion

Apsalar said it has announced an USD8 million funding round that includes first-time investment from YJ Capital, as well as additional funding from Thomvest Ventures and DCM Ventures.

Mobile app marketing spend is increasing rapidly. eMarketer reports that app install advertising will increase 80 percent this year, to more than US USD3Billion. In addition, app remarketing spending is growing even faster. Beyond paid media, the number of companies with dedicated marketing platforms for their apps and associated businesses is increasing markedly.

“Every day brings more evidence that ours is a mobile world, and Apsalar is dedicated to helping mobile-first marketers derive competitive advantage from their user data,” continued Oiknine. “Our new services, global reach, and industry-leading technology have given us the outstanding foundation necessary to succeed by empowering clients to drive extraordinary growth.”

Apsalar both contributes to, and benefits from these trends by enabling marketers to drive better results through data-driven initiatives across all channels. The company´s end-to-end ROI solution enables precise app marketing attribution and measurement, and its powerful analytics and segmentation tools enable marketers to define high-performing audiences for customized marketing and messaging.

Using Apsalar, marketers optimize their budget allocations by vendor and deliver high-performing audiences to their partners of choice. Such audiences enable high-return strategies like reactivating lapsed users, addressing cart abandons, app cross-marketing, tailored push notification campaigns and more precise UA lookalike modeling.

Apsalar is a leading mobile app marketing measurement and optimization company that helps app marketers drive maximum return from all their marketing investments.