AppTek To Merge with Ignite-Tek

AppTek, a provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) and Neural Machine Translation (NMT), has announced its merger with Ignite-Tek, further accelerating the company´s notable momentum throughout 2019, the company said.

For over ten years, Ignite-Tek, now a wholly owned subsidiary, has been the customer acquisition engine for performance- based media buying, helping consumer-oriented e-commerce companies more effectively gather marketing intelligence to optimize messaging effectiveness, business productivity and lifetime customer value.

AppTek will be bringing on former Ignite CEO, Michael Ferzacca as COO.

AppTek artificial intelligence and machine learning-based automatic speech recognition and machine translation platform is deployed for the media and entertainment industry as well as call centers. Leveraging over 30 years´ worth of experience its scientists and research engineers support the research and development of practical systems — AppTek enables the highest quality automatic speech recognition and machine translation solutions available anywhere for enterprises everywhere.[For more information, visit