Appiphany gains exclusive rights For Watchdog Online Monitoring service to North and South America

Appiphany Technologies LLC (OTCBB — APHD) has secured exclusive rights for North and South America, for the “Watchdog Online Monitoring” proprietary software for its current and future clients in the awarded territory, the company said.

This online monitoring technology will assist all private, commercial and government clients in safeguarding the integrity and value of their operations, products and enhance global online security.

Originally designed for media, entertainment and sport organizations, it has become a staple for the fashion, pharmaceutical, legal and aviation. The extended focus is on National Defense industries, Agra and food as well as electronics and luxury goods.

Appiphany Technologies commenced operations in June 2009. The scope of the business was based around the use of new technologies in the consumer market. It now provides products and technologies to bring complete, holistic solutions to combat the global counterfeit and pirating of goods.