Aperi, Dorado Software announce operational integration of virtualization capabilities

Dorado Software and Aperi said they have integrated their virtualization capabilities to offer recomposable broadcast services to end-users.

The integration of Dorado´s comprehensive orchestration and management platform, Redcell, with Aperi´s complete ecosystem of virtualized TV content networking and processing functions, allow TV Content Providers to optimize their operations while minimizing their costs and time-to-market.

Aperi brings data center economics to live TV content production. Their broadcast function virtualization technology enables contribution networking and live production workflows to be orchestrated on demand as software Apps to run on lightning-fast networked MicroServers. Apps and MicroServers can be repurposed instantaneously providing maximum efficiency and utilization.

Dorado Software´s network function orchestration capabilities allow service providers to configure Aperi applications and associated network infrastructure, both physical and virtual, to dynamically position video services for their customers. In addition, Dorado´s performance monitoring capabilities allow service providers to evaluate their service state and proactively adjust service behavior as required.

Dorado Software is a leading provider of integrated Resource Management, Performance Monitoring and Service Orchestration software that helps communications service providers (CSPs), NFV Infrastructure and network function vendors accelerate time to benefits of virtualized cloud-based networks.

Aperi Corporation is the leading provider of virtual function processing for the broadcast industry. Aperi uses enhanced data center technologies to optimize workflow efficiencies and economies.