AP launches new video content exchange platform

The Associated Press has launched a live video content and service exchange platform to help provide live coverage of breaking news and events around the world.

AP Live Community helps to connect live video publishers and contributors across borders, enabling broadcasters to book service providers to cover stories simply and at low cost. The service will allow publishers to deliver live content of breaking stories and events where coverage would not otherwise be feasible.

The project has been developed in partnership with video broadcasting platform LiveU. It will work alongside the AP global news infrastructure offered by AP Global Media Services, which includes fixed studio and live positions in 30 sites around the world and live footage of international events.

The free-to-access platform uses LiveU’s technology as the basis for automatic pairing via the AP Live Community’s platform. AP will manage billing, saving both video producers and consumers from arranging individual payments.

Content producers will be able to maximise revenue by offering assets to multiple publishers, while local video crews will deliver cost savings by using regional knowledge to save time and resources.

AP Business Development Director Paul Shanley said: “As demand for live content increases, [AP Live Community] eliminates the complexity broadcasters currently face in having to source video production crews who are able to competently deliver live coverage.”