AnyWhereMobile connects community banks, credit unions with merchantsk

Together with Team One Credit Union, MShift Inc. is aggressively expanding its AnyWhereMobile Mobile Payment Network in Michigan with merchants ranging from gas stations to restaurants to retail and services.

Merchant-funded rewards play a major role in driving the growth and expansion of AnyWhereMobile. With AnyWhereMobile, merchants pay a very low flat interchange fee and are highly motivated to pass that savings back to their customers through Rewards Programs.

With its patented payment system, AnyWhereMobile® is able to satisfy the needs of both customers and merchants that are not met with existing merchant ACH-based payments programs today.

From a regulatory and consumer perspective, an AnyWhereMobile® transaction is equivalent to a real-time account transfer within the same bank or credit union, not an ACH transaction, which means there is no risk of insufficient funds for the merchant.

AnyWhereMobile offers an inherent win-win model by drastically lowering costs for merchants, banks and credit unions as well as consumers.