Anything Technologies Media buys Bitcoin Super Highway asset management company

Anything Technologies Media Inc´s. (OTC: EXMT) board of directors has announced that the company has acquired the Bitcoin Super Highway as a wholly owned subsidiary of ATM, the company said.

Now ATM´s goal is to grow and expand the Bitcoin Super Highway into a company that is able to create opportunity and fund those who participate in the program. By acquiring BSH, ATM will have several top tier positions in the program. ATM feels these positions will pay dividends in the form of a constant revenue stream to the company.

ATM will continue to market the newly developed Bitcoin Super Highway. BSH currently has over 250 member positions. ATM expects BSH to grow to hundreds of thousands of participants over the next six months as it catches momentum from the marketing programs in place and the opportunity that Bitcoin presents in the Cryptocurrency market.

For participants in the program, as bitcoin price increases the value of their membership increases as they advance up the stages of the program. As previously announced ATM is working with multi-level based organizations in the US and overseas to help market the program. So far there has been nothing but excitement and enthusiasm for those that have heard about the program and have become members of the Bitcoin Super Highway.

The Bitcoin Super Highway is a newly developed concept assisting members in acquiring Bitcoin assets. By upgrading .05 of a Bitcoin to Phase 1 in the Bitcoin Super Highway, an individual can see that .05 of a Bitcoin grow to .3 Bitcoin to 1.8 Bitcoin and then 27.35 Bitcoin. This system is a crowd-funding concept that benefits every member equally and no one is left behind. The concept is unique to the Bitcoin market and the price is secondary to the acquisition side by being part of this program.

Anything Technologies Media Inc., is a Multi-Media Digital applications, production and marketing company. ATM is the parent company of subsidiary Corporations, and is also focused on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies, and manufacturing sectors.