Anything Technologies Media acquires drone developer

Anything Technologies Media, Inc. (OTC: EXMT) has completed acquisition of Green Sustainability Partners, LLC, the company said.

GSP is a Florida-based company focused on innovative technologies to provide global solutions for sustainable living. GSP is also the owner of proprietary rights to develop drones for a wide range of uses for Agriculture, Disaster Relief, Military, and Environmental research. GSP has partners in China and India to develop their new innovative drones.

The GSP Drone is a small category UAV designed for both civilian and military use. The craft is portable and can be operated in most terrains with small clearances. It can be transported in a small vehicle. The airframe and part avionics have been designed and manufactured in India so that the components and maintenance cost are at a bare minimum. This enables the drone to be cost effective to manufacture domestically.

Anything Technologies Media Inc. is a manufacturing and marketing company that is the parent company of subsidiary corporations both public and private, and is also focused on partnerships and acquisitions in new technologies, robotics, and manufacturing sectors.