Anova Technologies rebrands proprietary radio platform

Anova Technologies, a global provider of wireless and fiber exchange connectivity, is rebranding its proprietary radio platform, the company said.

The technology will now live under the Celeras product family name, which also encompasses Anova´s other in-house hardware, such as the Relay.

Anova acquired the right to use this technology and its associated patents last year from its hardware partner and development on the 10Gbps FSO-only system is currently underway at its research and manufacturing facility in Fremont, CA.

Anova Technologies is the preeminent provider and innovator in transport and hardware to the electronic trading space. Since its inception in 2009, Anova has pioneered the deployment methodology for millimeter wave point-to-point networks, is the sole provider of long distance hybrid lasercom connectivity, patented and deployed endpoint termination devices and been honored with multiple awards and media coverage.