Anova Technologies improves its wireless backbone

Anova Technologies, an optical wireless carrier and engineering firm, has recently constructed a new path connecting the CME exchange at 2905 Diehl Rd., Aurora, IL and the ICE exchange at 350 Cermak Rd., Chicago, IL, the company said.

This path is an important corridor for commodities price dissemination and liquidity and is in use by international banks & brokerage houses, market makers and trading firms alike.

Anova has been at the forefront of fintech wireless for almost a decade, having originally pioneered the millimeter wave (MMW) point-to-point deployment methodology for metro networks in 2010 that is now the de facto standard used by providers and end users today. Prior to Anova, this spectrum was typically utilized for campus networks that had very short link distance requirements. Anova furthered its technology advantage by acquiring the rights to the world´s first and only hybrid laser/MMW platform, rebranding it as Celeras LTS.

Anova Technologies´ prime objective is to implement best-in-class exchange connectivity. With the fastest routes connecting global trading venues, Anova Technologies consistently delivers the ultimate trifecta to its clients — ultra low latency, accessibility, and ease of deployment.