Anonabox adds VyprVPN as virtual private network service provider

Anonabox, a subsidiary of Sochule Inc, has partnered with VyprVPN to provide VPN service for those who purchase its new PRO or Tunneler devices, the company said.

VyprVPN is an attractive partner for Anonabox, which co-sponsored a Golden Frog panel discussion during this year´s South By Southwest Interactive festival, called Take Back Your Internet. In addition to being one of the industry´s largest providers of IPs, VyprVPN (a Golden Frog company) manages its own network, writes all of its software and owns the hardware it uses, allowing them to deliver the fastest speeds without involving third parties.

Anonabox devices are available for purchase at its website, on, and soon in retail locations through Ingram Micro. PRO and Tunneler devices with the new VyprVPN interface included can be ordered here, and will begin shipping shortly.

Anonabox privacy routers provide a robust layer of anonymity and privacy to web browsing by routing Internet traffic over the Tor network or via built-in VPN services (Virtual Private Network). These measures cloak the user´s IP address and location, allow the user to easily access the Deep web, bypass censorship, and much more.

VyprVPN was created to enable Internet users to achieve this privacy and freedom. VyprVPN is a fast, highly secure and personal VPN that encrypts your Internet connection. VyprVPN has apps for all devices and platforms, including Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, TV and router. With 700+ servers in over 50 locations worldwide, connections are always available.