Anite Virtual Drive Testing Toolset to provide performance verification in high-speed train scenarios

A major Chinese mobile operator has selected wireless equipment testing technology provider Anite´s Virtual Drive Testing Toolset for verifying mobile device performance in high-speed train scenarios, the company said.

Anite´s recently launched Virtual Drive testing Toolset with simulated network support enables users to cost-effectively verify mobile device performance in a controlled laboratory environment. It supports the mobile operator´s recently launched and mandated test plan, requiring suppliers to demonstrate device performance under challenging mobility conditions prior to market introduction.

Virtual Drive Testing Toolset uses network signaling and RF propagation log data, captured in the field using drive test tools, to recreate a realistic mobile device performance testing environment in the laboratory.

Anite supplies test and measurement solutions to the international wireless market. It provides testing, measurement, optimisation and analytics systems based on its specialist sector knowledge and its proprietary software and hardware products.