Anduril releases of counter-drone system to address the growing asymmetric drone threat

Anduril Industries, a California-based defense technology company, has announced the launch of the Interceptor drone as part of the Lattice AI cUAS (counter Unmanned Aerial System) solution to detect and interdict unmanned aircraft or autonomous drone systems, the company said.

This system brings proven Anduril technology to the increasingly critical counter-drone mission, providing an additional dimension of force protection for military personnel and installations or critical infrastructure.

Whether integrated with Lattice AI or manually cued, a human operator can verify targets and launch Interceptor drones to kill rotary or fixed-wing threats autonomously in any environment, day or night.

Anduril Industries builds creative cost-effective products to aid those serving on the front lines of national security. By listening to the national security community, Anduril is able to understand their most urgent problems and build sophisticated solutions. Anduril´s core technology includes artificial intelligence, autonomous systems, sensor fusion and their application at the front lines of operations.