Amulet Hotkey introduces KVM extenders using PCoIP technology

Amulet Hotkey Ltd., a provider of design, manufacturing and system integration for remote physical and virtual workstation solutions, has announced new high-performance IP-based KVM Extenders, the company said.

Built on the success of five generations and trusted in mission critical deployments, the DX KVM extenders feature enhanced multi-display image processing for demanding professionals and advanced workflows.

The DX KVM extenders bring secure remote computer access for enterprise and government deployments such as command and control, design engineering, as well as media and entertainment. They help increase 360-degree situational awareness, enable secure collaboration between teams, organizations and nations, or speed the design, visualization and simulation of anything from animation and movies to aircraft and cars.

Amulet Hotkey is a proven innovator in design, manufacturing and system integration of high availability solutions for remote physical or virtual workstation, as well as virtual/cloud desktops that are optimized for both mission and business critical applications to deliver robust, secure and uncompromised performance backed up by world-class support. Amulet Hotkey customers include Fortune 500 and Global 2000 enterprises as well as local and federal governments. The Amulet Hotkey solutions are deployed in command and control, emergency call centers, investment banks, oil & gas, CAD designers, digital content creation, and post production studios around the world.