Ampiri updates ad mediation platform to maximize mobile app revenue

Ampiri has introduced SDK v3.2, an improved new dashboard and audience insights to help app developers maximize revenue, the company said.

The company said the single SDK connects apps to major ad-networks and DSPs. The new SDK v3.2 offers Android and iOS platforms with a user interface that features immediate support, transparent waterfall view,

Ampiri enables advanced monetization while keeping publishers´ eCPM goals in focus. Ampiri blends the major demand sources into a single campaign selection algorithm, which optimizes in real time, as the platform chooses the best performing campaign out of direct demand, cross-promotion, ad-networks and DSPs.

Ampiri comes from Glispa Global Group, which focuses on native monetization and the supply-side of the mobile business. Native monetization has constituted over 50 percent of the Glispa business.

Glispa Global Group is a mobile marketing ad tech company empowering clients to activate global audiences and move markets.