Amp'ed RF unlocks dynamic frequency selection

Amp´ed RF Wireless Technology, an international provider of advanced Wi-Fi and Bluetooth SoC, has released its Wi-Fi IC (ACC1340) with DFS enabled, the company said.

The new chipset opens new channels for data intensive applications including HD video, compression free audio, augmented reality, voice recognition and devices that require faster transmissions.

The solution to the overcrowding of Wi-Fi bandwidth is to offer an advanced feature set including dynamic frequency selection (DFS). Previously, chipmakers didn´t build the integrated circuits (IC) or the firmware to use this untapped bandwidth.

Amp´ed RF Wi-Fi IC (ACC1340) unlocks 802.11h DFS through hardware and embedded software. ACC1340 supports DFS channels allowing users access to all 24 5GHz high-band channels, which is three times the amount of channels found on many non-DFS chips.

Amp´ed RF was founded in San Jose, California in 2009 and quickly grew to an international provider of wireless chips, modules, system integration and protocol stacks with facilities co-located in Tianjin, China and San Jose, California. The company offers low-cost, high-quality ICs and modules.