Ameriflight, Allegiant Air sign pilot recruitment agreement

Ameriflight and Allegiant Air (NASDAQ: ALGT) have entered into a pilot recruitment flow-through agreement to assist and advance pilot career needs, the companies said.

Under the partnership, Allegiant will actively mentor participating Ameriflight pilots. Allegiant will offer employment to the pilots subject to their hiring standards and the program requirements.

The flow-through agreement between Ameriflight and Allegiant is open to all Ameriflight pilots regardless of seniority, equipment, seat position, or current position within the company. Both new pilots and pilots who currently fly for Ameriflight are eligible and encouraged to participate in the program.

The agreement allows and encourages Ameriflight pilots to participate in Allegiant-sponsored functions such as meet-and-greets with the regional chief pilots, ground school sessions, simulator observations, mentoring opportunities and jumpseating.

It will also create incentives for Ameriflight employees, and further assist Ameriflight in recruiting new pilots. The Pilot Recruitment Flow Through Agreement ensures pilots entering the program a first officer position with Allegiant upon completion of outlined experience and training requirements.

Dallas, Texas-based Ameriflight, founded in 1968, has grown from a small air charter and cargo service carrier to an international operator with more than 700 employees, including over 200 pilots and over 200 aircraft. Ameriflight provides feeder services for overnight express carriers such as UPS, FedEx, and DHL.

Las Vegas, Nevada-based Allegiant offers industry-low fares on an all-jet fleet while also offering other travel-related products such as hotel rooms, rental cars, and attraction tickets. Beginning with one aircraft and one route in 1999, the company has grown to over 80 aircraft and more than 300 routes across the country with base airfares less than half the cost of the average domestic roundtrip ticket.