Americans regain confidence in Paris for 2017 holiday travel season

Following a substantial decrease in US travelers planning to spend their holiday in Paris last year, the City of Lights projects a 16.3 percent increase in US visitors for the 2017 season, according to part two of Allianz Global Assistance´s Top 10 Holiday Destination Report, the company said.

Despite this increase, parts of the United Kingdom, including London and Manchester, will experience a decrease from 2016 levels.

Allianz Global Assistance reviewed more than 760,000 Americans´ travel plans* during the peak holiday travel season, Thanksgiving through New Year´s, and found that while Paris saw a significant decrease in American travelers during last year´s holiday season (down 12.8 percent from 2015), the city has risen for 2017 and remains as the second most popular European destination.

London continues to be the most prevalent European destination for US travelers despite London Heathrow Airport expecting a 10.9 percent decrease in US holiday travel from 2016. Manchester also saw a significant decrease in holiday travel this year, dropping 26.6 percent since 2016.

Rome, Frankfurt and Amsterdam rounded out the top five European travel destinations for 2017, with Rome showing the biggest increase in travel (56.4 percent increase from 2016). Rome´s shift in ranking from eighth to third is the second most drastic shift in the review´s findings, following Reykjavik, Iceland, which jumped in ranking from 24th to 11th, a 143.9 percent increase in number of travel plans.

In addition to Rome and Reykjavik, the cities that benefited most from the redistribution of American travelers interested in visiting Europe include: Geneva, increased by 36.8 percent; and Athens, increased by 32.4 percent.

Overall, Europe recorded an impressive 9.2 percent increase of American travelers.

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