Americans accept "collaborative economy" in travel, according to Demeure

The rise of the “collaborative economy” in the travel industry has greatly impacted how vacation property owners and travelers experience trips according to the “2013 Vacation Collaborative Economy Report” released by Canadian vacation marketplace Demeure.

According to the survey, 80% of travelers are comfortable with the idea of renting someone else´s vacation home on a trip so long as the property meets their personal standards for a vacation stay and that someone is available to contact locally if needed.

Additionally, almost one in three (31%) vacation property owners in the United States are eager to travel somewhere new for a change, but feel guilty not utilising their property and losing out on money spent to maintain it. Among these owners that feel guilt, almost half (47 %) would favor renting or sharing their vacation home in exchange for the ability to visit new places.

The report also found that travelers report better experiences when staying in a vacation rental home. For instance, more than two out of three travelers (68%) that spent their most recent vacation in a home rental said they had a very good vacation experience.

More than half of travelers that stayed in vacation home rental or cottage said they felt very relaxed (51 %) and more travelers that stayed in a vacation home rental (47%) felt their vacation said the experience was unique.

In addition to specific insight on the role of the collaborative economy in the American travel experience, the “2013 Vacation Experience Report” also asked travelers to share their overall impressions and attitudes towards their most recent vacation. Surprisingly, almost half (47%) of American travelers felt stressed on their most recent vacation.

More than one in every four (28%) travelers admitted the largest cause of stress were the lack of local knowledge, not knowing where to go, what to do and how to get there, while 80% did not want to return to work after their most recent vacation.

Demeure operates a marketplace powered by its Marketplace Management System where travel consumers and suppliers to the industry book authentic travel experiences, list properties, and trade in the market. Demeure was founded in 2009 in Waterloo, Canada with the aim of redefining the vacation rental, home exchange, and destination club industry.

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