American evaluates joint business agreement with LATAM airlines group

Chile´s Court of Free Competition (TDLC) has announced the approval of a joint business agreement between American Airlines and LATAM Airlines Group for both their passenger and cargo businesses, the organization said.

American is currently evaluating the mitigating conditions included in the agreement.

American said the joint business agreement is good news for Chile and for customers around the world. American said it is confident these types of agreements are the future of the airline industry as they have been proven to benefit consumers, local economies and tourism industries, while also encouraging market growth and competition.

Since the JBA with LATAM Group was announced in January 2016, the agreement has been approved by Brazil´s Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE), the antitrust division of the Ministry of Justice; by Aerocivil, Colombia´s civil aviation authority; and by DINACIA, Uruguay´s civil aviation authority.

American Airlines Group offers an average of nearly 6,700 flights per day to nearly 350 destinations in more than 50 countries.