American Airlines supports CHOICE Humanitarian in efforts to fight poverty

Utah-Based CHOICE Humanitarian has announced a partnership with American Airlines Group, demonstrating a commitment to making a global sustainable impact to support the fight against poverty, the company said.

American Airlines recognized the opportunity to support CHOICE by providing roundtrip flights for staff members in Bolivia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Kenya, Mexico, Nepal and Peru to attend and present at the United National Civil Society.

American Airlines said it is excited by the work CHOICE Humanitarian is doing to support efforts to fight poverty and build communities around the world and is honored to assist in connecting those communities.

The roundtrip flights from American Airlines will allow CHOICE´s international staff to attend and present at the United Nations Civil Society Conference.

American Airlines offers customers 6,800 daily flights to more than 365 destinations in 61 countries from its hubs.

CHOICE Humanitarian utilizes a model of leadership development that trains leaders in rural villages to organize and mobilize their community toward their own path out of poverty. The organization was established in 1982 and has eliminated extreme poverty in some of the world´s most remote villages.