American Airlines donates 500,000 lbs. of food to stock pantry shelves in cities around the world

American Airlines has announced that, in response to COVID-19, it has donated more than half a million pounds of food to communities in need to stock pantry shelves in cities around the world, the company said.

A surplus of food was sitting in American Airlines facilities in the United States and abroad just a few weeks ago. To ensure the product would not go to waste, the airline used the opportunity to support food banks, nonprofit organizations, schools and other groups that are fighting against food insecurity, including the Los Angeles LGBT Center.

Staff members at the Los Angeles LGBT Center opened a Pride Pantry to help the those who were lacking access to food. On May 29, American donated granola bars; pretzels; orange juice; and power bites boxes that included crackers, asiago cheese spread, protein bars, almonds, fruit snacks, and cookies. In total, American donated more than 11,000 lbs. of food to the organization.

Other US cities, including Phoenix, Chicago, Dallas and Philadelphia, and international cities, such as Budapest, Hong Kong, London and Paris, have also received donations.

American Airlines is committed to caring for people on life´s journey and remains dedicated to addressing the needs of different communities affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic.