AMERGINT Technology increases integrated satellite communications with acquisition of Tethers

AMERGINT Technology Holdings (AMERGINT), a Colorado-based communication company, has announced the acquisition of Washington-based Tethers Unlimited, Inc., serving the small satellite market with new space solutions, the company said.

The transaction will forge a strong satellite-ground connection, bringing together AMERGINT Technologies, Inc. and TUI to provide integrated end-to-end solutions for satellite communications and in-space services to the space market.

Terms of the transaction were not disclosed.

Combining AMERGINT´s ground-based processors and modems with TUI´s software-defined satellite radios and mesh network solution enables flexible, affordable, secure and resilient end-to-end communications services that scale to meet the needs of the hybrid space architectures under development by the Space Force, the Space Development Agency, DARPA, USAF and the Intelligence Community.

AMERGINT Technologies Inc. is an essential and trusted partner in the evolution of the Space and Defense Industries by focusing on mission-critical communication and data paths through the capture, processing, transport and exploitation of vital mission data.
Tethers Unlimited, Inc. develops transformative technologies for Space and Defense missions. Its technology portfolio includes programmable radios for small satellites, advanced space propulsion modules, and systems for in-space manufacturing of spacecraft components.