Ambient Smart Grid Nodes support DNP3 protocol

Ambient Corp. (NASDAQ: AMBT) said that all Ambient Smart Grid Nodes fully support DNP3 protocol, which enables local data aggregation and control at distributed locations on the utility grid.

DNP3 protocol support allows the Ambient Smart Grid Nodes to collect, process, store, communicate, and act on data from DNP3-enabled Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs) used on the grid. The nodes can act as both “slave” to the Network Operations Center (NOC) “master,” and a “master” to communicate with and control multiple IEDs “slaves.” The use of local computing power on each and every node enables local decision-making and action, and/or communication of selected data back to the centralized Network Operations Center – a versatile solution for multiple grid scenarios.

Ambient designs, develops and sells the Ambient Smart Grid communications and applications platform. More information on Ambient is available at