Amazing Features Offered By Amaiz

Amaiz is one of the premium business banking services for small businesses, companies, inspiring entrepreneurs, momtrepreneurs, and startups. It is an excellent bank with real experts.

It is very simple to use; all you need to do is Sign up to the account for which you will have to download the Amaiz Application or use Amaiz Web.


There are several valuable features for your ease. Features include Account and payments where you can open up an Amaiz account for your business, card management facilities, managing your direct debits, cash flow charts, invoicing, prompt notifications and many more. Moreover, it allows one-month free trial for you to get started with your business. It has an amazing support system with every detail written on their website and application.

Some of its valuable features in brief details:

Amaiz Web: When it says it is convenient then it means that. Whether you want to get access to the Amaiz app via mobile or you want to get the access through a laptop via Amaiz web. It is your choice. You can pick up from where you left off the work. Through this amazing Amaiz web, you can get access to the transactions, export statements, subscriptions, edit your details, in short, you can do everything on the web.

Expertise knowledge: This accountancy expert service can solve your issues within your business parameters giving you the insights of the possible solutions and improving areas for your business to run seamlessly.

Card Management: A protected and contactless card for your daily expenses, which is given to you shortly after you make an account. It has the sub-features such as you can freeze and unfreeze the card, remainders for the PIN and can get money from any cash machines nearby.


Amaiz pricing process is very budget friendly for your business account. The pricing is not only simple but also low as well to accommodate all the inspiring entrepreneurs and companies the way they want. Since Amaiz is quite concerned for its valuable customers, it makes sure the advanced planning has made a positive change for them to experience hassle-free banking requirements.

Following are the two plans provided by Amaiz:

  • Starter
  • Advanced

Starter: For this deal, you will have to pay £0.00, yes you read that right. Features of this plan include support system working 24/7, contactless business card, charts of your business cash flows, jar account, and many more.

Advanced: This the most popular plan at Amaiz; it has all the amazing features of the starter plan along with the expert services of accountants. It will only cost you £9.99 per month. Moreover, when compared with other business banking services it was shown that Amaiz is easier to use than any other is.

The Pricing at Amaiz comes with the terms and conditions for you to better understand and trust us with your hard-earned money.

Amaiz business banking service is leading throughout the UK for a reason; it is all because of the dedication it shows to make the business transactions hassle-free and accommodating for everyone.