AMAX launches converged solutions upgrade

AMAX has integrated its product lines, including converged solutions and AMAX HPC clusters with the latest Intel Xeon Phi x2000 product family, the company said.

The new Intel Xeon Phi platform is a 14nm many-core x86 CPU architecture.

AMAX Converged Solutions are customizable as twin and quad-node options packed into a compact server form factors. These high-density servers offer a cluster´s worth of compute, storage and networking capabilities, making them ideal for HPC, data center and mission-critical business applications.

The first of an upcoming series of Phi-compatible systems is ServMax XK-2401XP, a 2U Quad system featuring a single Phi per node for up to 72 cores, up to 384GB RAM

AMAX is a provider of cloud/IaaS, GPU, HPC and server appliance platforms.