Amarisoft, Dali Wireless to Deliver Open RAN Based 4G and 5G Solutions

Dali Wireless, a global provider of wireless fronthaul innovation for virtual RAN, and Amarisoft, a pioneer in software centric 4G LTE and 5G NR technology and solutions, have announced they have completed initial interoperability validation of an end-to-end vRAN system that is centered around Dali´s vFI™ and Amarisoft´s 100% eNodeB software, the companies said.

This collaboration reinforces both companies´ commitment to providing flexible, interoperable, and scalable offerings in the era of open, cost effective enterprise RAN solutions. The companies´ combined efforts, which are initially focused on 4G, is planned to evolve to 5G and incorporate Amarisoft´s virtual gNodeB software already supporting both SA and NSA mode. In truly embracing the spirit of Open RAN, the system also includes radio heads from Dali´s eco-system partner Gigatera Communications.

Amarisoft is a software company dedicated to LTE 4G and 5G NR. For more information, see and on twitter @amarisoft.

Dali Wireless is a wireless infrastructure innovator providing new and better ways to handle exponential growth in mobile data traffic. Dali´s fully digital wireless signal routing solution revolutionizes in-building and outdoor coverage and capacity by eliminating interference and maximizing spectrum usage. See or follow on Twitter @daliwireless.