Amadeus Explores What Drives Travelers to Buy

A new report published by Amadeus, ´Embracing airline digital transformation: a spotlight on what travelers value´, sheds new light on what travelers value when shopping for a flight, the company said.

Looking specifically at the airline industry, this report explores new methods to aggregate customer data, accompanied by behavioral economic approaches, Artificial Intelligence and ´Contextual Commerce´, in order to better answer this question. These developments can offer great opportunities for those airlines that embrace this change, asserts the report.

The report discusses a model of product vs service vs convenience, in order for airlines to be able to market intuitively each upsell opportunity. But this isn´t a one size fits all approach. For each traveler, the balance between these three elements will shift, affecting the overall price that they are willing to pay for a flight. In a survey conducted for the report, 56% of travelers said that the total package was most important to them, while only 24% valued the lowest price the most. For example, a new mother travelling with a baby is likely to be very focused on the service experience. However, that same mother travelling alone for business or leisure will have different priorities.

Commissioned by Amadeus and Connections, a global networking and events organizer, the study is based on interviews with airlines, travel agency and technology experts. In addition, the report contains an independent survey of travelers focused on what they most value when booking a flight.

Amadeus is a provider of advanced technology solutions for the global travel industry. Customer groups include travel providers (e.g. airlines, hotels, rail and ferry operators, etc.), travel sellers (travel agencies and websites), and travel buyers (corporations and travel management companies).

The Amadeus group employs around 15,000 people worldwide and does business in more than 190 countries. The company has central sites in Spain (corporate headquarters), France (development) and Germany (operations), and offices in 70 countries around the world.

This year marks 30 years since Amadeus was founded. Throughout 2017, the company will be celebrating 30 years of collaboration with customers, 30 years of technological innovation and 30 years of helping power better journeys for travellers all over the world.

The group operates a transaction-based business model.